How To Create A Worry Free Business Plan

Do You Dread Writing A Business Plan

Creating a worry free business plan in not beyond you.

You’ve been told that if you’re serious about starting a business you need a business plan. Now, I’ve shared this kind of advice with my students here at Entrepreneur Works, as it is kind of a best practice for any business venture. You need a plan to follow and to monitor your business processes.

However, writing a business plan is no simple task; at least for most start-up entrepreneurs.

If you Google “how to write a business plan” you’ll find over 270,000,000 page results for that search phrase.

Google results for how to write a business plan

You will find all kinds of resources just from this search. Everything from free business plan templates, free business plan eBooks, business plan software, examples of business plans and so on.

Analysis-Paralysis3Seeing all the information that is available on the subject tends to create what is commonly referred to as information overload. To the uninitiated this can result in the “analysis paralysis” where start-up initiate ends up doing nothing for fear of messing up the process.

As an alternative to surfing the Internet for information on writing your business plan, you can visit booksellers like Barnes & Noble, etc., where you’ll discover a plethora of content on the subject.

Also, there is the Public Library where you can comb through lots of information for FREE.

The irony is that with all the information on “how to” write a business plan, most folks fall flat on their faces when it actually comes down to getting it done. Why is this?

I’ve found throughout my years of working with start-up entrepreneurs that the intimidation factor can cause folks to feel overwhelmed. Some have described the feeling as being like that when they crammed for an exam in school.

Crafting an effective business plan does require an understanding of product research, how you intend to market your product, what you expect to make in profits, etc.

When it comes down to getting it done a lot of folks put it off. And then, when they need it the most; they rush to come up with something and it's generally lacking the information they really needed.

There’s got to be an easier way for the start-up business owner to get their business plan written, less all the hassle.

Recently, a colleague and collaborator, Adam Chase Lewis, wrote a blog specifically about the business plan and in it he shows a simple, but effective way to quickly & easily write a business plan.

If you can do these 3 things, you're on your way to creating your business plan.

  1. Describe how you will get your customers.
  2. Describe how you will serve your customers.
  3. Describe how will you get money in and what will you spend money on.

Use the link below to get all the details and Adam's clear actionable steps to follow. You can do this regardless of your experience or writing skills.

See: A Business Plan Anyone Can Do.

In less than 1000 words, you’ll get a clear understanding of the basics of writing an effective business plan without being intimidated or overwhelmed.

Go here to read it now.

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