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Is “We Take Cash Only” Smart Business?

Are You or Your Customers Driving Your Decisions

During the last 20 years I have counseled hundreds of business owners on growing their businesses and in most instances, most define growth as more revenue.

Do you remember the bookstore chain … Read the rest

How to Identify The Need For Startup Businesses

Don’t Just Start A Business, Solve A Problem

You may not think that the “Pet Rock” solved a problem for consumers, but Gary Dahl did and discovered something interesting.

In April 1975, Gary Dahl was in a bar (which is … Read the rest

Entrepreneurship… Catalyst for Change

How Entrepreneurship Is Changing Urban Environments

Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs have always provided America the impetus for dynamic economic growth and change. The industrial revolution transformed the country from an agricultural, rural-based economy to an automated production oriented economy which moved … Read the rest

Rebecca Rescate Shares On The Entrepreneurial Spirit

Rebecca Rescate

Shark Tank Mavin & Serial Entrepreneur Rebecca Rescate Reveals How To Balance Life & Entrepreneurship

Attn: All Local Entrepreneurs

I strongly urge you to attend this event!

Two time Shark Tank Alum, Rebecca Rescate will be LIVE at the International Read the rest