From Side Hustle to Full Time Business in 3 Steps – Part 4 Strut Like a Real Business

How to Start a Business:  The Side Hustle Route

The focus of this article is how to establish the principles of operation of a “full time” business in your side hustle.

These operational principles will allow you to simulate all the functions and tasks of a full-time business, in your side hustle; without the same level of risk.

Nearly all organized businesses have routines that provide the business with an operational system that can be replicated and that is essential for growth and stability.

These systematic practice that produces a burger, fries, and Cokes at McDonald’s in Seattle, are the same throughout the world.

Operations and Your Side Hustle

Recently I coached a young lady (Karen) whose fashion design side hustle is rapidly gaining traction. It is on the path to becoming a business that requires more of her time and commitment.   

The problem is Karen's lack of organization in how she executes the duties and responsibilities in her fashion design endeavors.

As a result, running her side hustle has become a source of frustration and anxiety.  

Here is how we solved the problem.

Categorize Functional Areas

The first thing for Karen to do is categorize the functions of the business.  In Karen’s case the functions are:

side hustle functional categories

Karen will have an organized view of what it takes for her to operate her fashion design business if she categorizes the function of her side-hustle. The haphazard array of things to do will be structured into specific functions of the business (side hustle).

Likewise, another benefit to categorizing the functions is that it helps facilitate a business owner mindset which is an added boost for accomplishing your business dreams.

Define the Tasks and Who’s Responsible in Each Category

Once the business functions are categorized, the next step is to identify the tasks related to them and who is responsible for performing the tasks.  

Identifying the tasks and responsibilities:

  • Helps you separate essential tasks from those that are not essential.
  • Facilitates better time management, organization and focus.
  • Identifies how and who will get tasks done.

Therefore, to help you understand this step, let’s look at Karen’s Sales and Marketing tasks.

side hustle tasks

Create a Schedule

Above all, managing time can prove to be a challenge for even the most seasoned business owner.  However, learning how to manage your time, particularly in its early stages, ensures that the business gets the best from its most important asset, you.

If you develop this skill in your side hustle, it will be second nature when you become a full-time business.

So, I've outlined Karen’s marketing task schedule below.

Week Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
One Plan mkt. Content/social Manage pros/cust
Two Content/social Manage pros/cust
Three Content/social Manage pros/cust
Four Manage pros/cust


Finally, the side hustle route is a realistic and practical way to a full-time business.  Implementing business fundamentals in your side hustle allows you to learn how to operate a business, which prepares you to achieve success in your full-time business.

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